About Jim & His Blog

Jim Fairlie, with my daughter Caitlin at Perth Farmers' Market

Me, Jim Fairlie, with my daughter Caitlin at Perth Farmers’ Market

So there I was with my feet up, cup of tea in hand, thinking about my first blog entry for 2012. I’ve been promising myself for the past year that I’m going to start writing and diarising the life of a Hill Farmer/ Producer / Man With An Opinion!  My wife and daughters have been really enthusiastic about this, my latest idea, to the point where it felt like they were nagging me to get started.  All very encouraging until I understood their secret agenda… They’re hoping by writing it all down I’ll get some of it out my system and the fork waving routine over the dinner table might calm down a wee bit!

The blog is called Beyond The Gate: and it’s been called Beyond The Gate for years… Since before blogs even existed!  Since I was a shepherd at Gleanearn talking the council into setting up Scotland’s first Farmers’ Market – thankfully, for all concerned they jumped in right alongside me! It wasn’t a blog at that point of course; it was to be a diary of some sorts, that might one day end up published.   It would chart the ups and downs of life in the fields, on the hills and tending sheep. You’d hear about how my  desire for supplying superior end Scottish Lamb was keeping me awake at nights. At my frustration and passion for every link in the chain that got my lamb from farm to plate.  My opinions on the politics that surround farming and the education that should surround our children and their food.

Enter 21st Century technology and Jim with a fancy phone, 2 teenage daughters and never ending supply of chat, opinions and photos from the farm and it would appear I’ve no excuses not to do this!  Technology is now my friend (NOT a sentence I thought I’d ever type!) and I can get comfy, get typing and attempt to extend my 21st century skills a bit farther than the twitter feed (which I’m actually quite good at now! Come and follow me!).  I won’t go into the whys and wherefores of what Beyond The Gate means here: keep reading and it will all become apparent!